The perfect splitting tool for smaller jobs, this maul can be used with one hand. Its unique design features a 3 lb. head on a knobbed 18" select American hickory handle. Great for splitting hardwood kindling!
What to expect when you receive your new axe
All Snow and Nealley axes are hand-assembled and finished in a small craftsman's shop. You can expect the grain of the axe handle and the texture of the leather sheath to vary from the picture in this listing. In addition, there may be slight variations in the finish on the head.Snow and Nealley gives each axe head a clearcoat finish to prevent rust during shipping. The finish will come off during sharpening and use. This is normal.Axe heads are hand-tempered and hand-ground. They are shipped sharp enough to cut, but without the final edge that many users will prefer. You may add the final touches according to your preference with a file, grinding stone, or grinding wheel.Or find one on eBay (affiliate link)